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the spoiler

Well... what can we do with this one. This is another one of the rare pieces which you have no idea of what you want to express with. Until you have had several looks at them for yourself, that is ;) As far as I can remember, it started out with the idea to describe a kiss. Yup, it's a kiss I'm describing, nothing else. French kiss, okay, but this still makes it just a kiss - honi soit qui mal y pense ;)

The first three stanzas describe the kiss objectively - the lips touch, the tongues embrace, hell, even the bodily reaction, the rise and fall of the endorphines. This is how a scientist or an alien from outer space would look at a kiss, and its details might really be thrilling, but it's all over in a second. Period. Nothing left of it but maybe a few drops of exchanged bodily fluids. Yummy.

When I - or you - kiss someone, we don't see it this way, do we? When we kiss, we feel. We let ourselves fall into the warm feeling that emerges right inside of us, we let ourselves get swept away by the waves of emotion flowing through our body - no time and even less reason to spoil the fun by tearing it apart to details. Dissecting a feeling once may be okay, but it's the feeling itself you will remember.

Okay, all of this is nice, but don't we all know this by ourselves already? What's the real message? Maybe we should have a look at the title of the poem again... "Poetry".... do I hear a bell ringing? Just apply all of the theory above to poems, and you're there. In my humble opinion, a poem often is a way to express feelings, and as such should be treated like a feeling itself. When we read a poem, the author's feelings are recreated in our own minds, and if we are going to enjoy the poem, we must not block out these feelings.

But this is exactly what we do when we instantly try to pull the poem apart into rhymes, metaphors, stylistic devices and whatnot. The feeling, the atmosphere, all these things we capture with our soul instead of our mind, are lost and can't be recovered once we have torn the poem into pieces. This is a great loss, as it's the feeling you would have remembered.

I'm not saying that analyzing and interpreting poems is a no-no, hell, that's what I'm doing here right at the moment, isn't it? But I think that you should really have "felt" a poem inside before you start interpreting it, and that's what many people don't do. Don't lose the feeling ;)