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Winter's Delight

the spoiler

Wooooohoooo!! A real interpretable poem with actually some sort of sense behind it! A spoiler that reveals more than just the circumstances of the poem's writing...

This poem was made during my English lessons - not actually a task, although we were talking about poems at that time, but the teacher gave me the inspiration :) He was talking about the wonderful landscape outside - it was winter, and as far as I can remember, it was about the only time we had real snow outside that winter.

Writing the poem, I had a couple in mind walking through the forest in winter. Everything is covered in white powdery snow glittering in the sunlight, the sky is perfectly blue and the air is crispy cold, you know, that kind of air that gives you that slight shiver on your skin and that funnily foggy breath. To put it straight: It's a wonderful winter day to walk through the forest.

But... she (I imagine it's the woman/girl as I am a boy - girls might see it the other way round) is not happy. Something is making her sad: Your heart too --> she is feeling blue, same word as for the sky, but with a completely different meaning - positive vs. negative connotation --> we have a wonderful contrast! Woohoo, I actually learned something during English lessons :)

Well, and because the poor girl is unhappy, she cannot see the beauty of that winter's day - all she sees are the bad sides of winter - the snow covering all the green fields, the barren trees etcetera... Then the change comes along: something distracts her from her sorrow - a kiss from her boyfriend, a white dove rising into the sky, whatever it is, it breaks the circle of her sad thoughts and opens her mind for the beautiful sides of life.

I don't know exactly what I wanted to say through Winter's Delight, but if it has a message, it is this: If someone - especially someone you love - is feeling bad, there are lots of bad thoughts chasing each other in a big circle in his or her head. Those are not only the sorrows of the moment, but also many past problems that he/she has not closed the case on.

In most of those cases, this circle leads to nothing but even more sadness, so it has to be broken - either by the person herself or with a little help from his/her friends. Sometimes that person needs nothing more than a warm hug, a kiss or just a nice view over a winter landscape to break the circle. If you don't think you can do anything else for your friend at that moment, just try to distract him/her from his/her sadness.