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What have I done?

the spoiler

What have I done has been written after I had made one of my hardest decisions yet: leaving one girl for another. I was ashamed of myself and I felt sorry for the poor girl, but it was the only reasonable thing I could have done. Of course, many people were saying that it had not been right, and yes, it was not nice of me, and no, it was no moral decision either. But I was really happy with my decision and, you see, the waves soon calmed down and everything went back to normal.

As a side effect of that, most of the poems on my site are dedicated to or at least partly inspired by Anna, the girl who was in favor of my decision. Anna, if you read this, know that you have made yourself a legacy ;)

This piece was born in a way which is actually untypical for my poems. I started writing what I just had in mind, rhyming just for the rhyme's sake (I have no other idea to explain the open door passage ;), and even when the poem was finished, I still hat no idea yet on what I actually wrote it about. It was some time (hours? days? I don't know...) later that I realized what it related to.