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the spoiler

This poem was made with a dark, soaky night in mind. I wanted to transmit the feeling that you would have if you were the poetic I of that poem, who obviously speaks to him- or herself.

In the beginning, all I wanted was the loneliness and anonymous gray of a rainy night in the city, which not even the multicolored neon lights are able to add any gayety to. As I began writing, I felt it would be a good idea to add a person to the scene, but this person had to fit.

So I made up a falling star, an entertainer having become boring, an aging actress - someone who has passed the climax of his career by far. In the conclusion these people have all had their share of fun and glory, but afterwards most of them simply cease to exist. You never see them again; they could as well have died, and nobody would ever care.

One funny note: Turned counter-clockwise by 90 degrees, the poem looks either like a skyline or like a curve with ascent, climax and descent...