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the spoiler

Well, this is my third full-flavoured song text after the non-released "You got me" and "Jump". I like it, because it expresses quite well the bliss one single embrace can be. As well, I extremely like the intro poem. Both parts - the intro and the song itself - were created separately.

I wrote the poem in mid-1998 in a train on the way back from Bavaria, where I had been on a one-week summer camp. My girlfriend, Anna, had to stay there in hospital since she had caught some sort of glandular fever which broke out in her just during the summer camp. When I wrote that poem, I was thinking of her.

The song was more like a nice try. It started back at school with the idea of the first two lines and continued with some more ideas I got over the days. Actually, the last addition was made in late 1999... :)

Soon after starting to write the song I decided that the poem and the song would fit together quite well, and so here I go...