title picture poetry - read my head
title picture


by DoJoe

Come think of it
You'll never be like that again.
Nobody will ever look at you that way.
It's time to go downhill now
To ride towards a setting sun.
Time to leave that stage with a bang
To leave the crazy life to the memories.

You're walking down the streets of your city
Looking down into the reflections in the puddles
That seem to be the last ones still lying at your feet.
You feel the rain soaking your coat
You hear the sound of the raindrops
Rushing to meet their end on the pavement.
You see the foggy wall of water in front of you
Illuminated by the omnipresent light of the city
Created by thousands of neon tubes
Unable to warm up the night.

Now, as you see this, you begin to sense
That your life has been just like that
But cold.
And all that's left to you
Is a shallow taste on your tongue.
What a pity.

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