title picture poetry - read my head
title picture


by DoJoe


Raindrops are running down the window
forming diagonal lines
blown along the window pane
by the speed of the wagon
which makes the whole landscape outside
fade away and morph
into an abstract moving picture
built up by constantly changing blurred lines
mixing like watercolors in the rain
distorted by the fragile shapes of the raindrops.
On the rails of the track beside you
you see the reflections of some flickering neon lights
rushing past your window
luminance without affections
making the night appear brighter
but not a bit warmer.

Looking at
- no -
being hypnotized by the views
you are suddenly distracted from your apathy
when your eyes notice the girl sleeping next to you
her head lying on your lap
cushioned on her soft hands
her eyes closed
her lips smiling
her nose breathing slowly and regularly
the incarnation of
and warmth.
It's not just the blood
rushing through the veins of her hands
that warms your lap.
It is more her mere presence
and her touch
which make you feel warm inside.
You would really like to kiss her
and you know she would like that.

She's the contrary to the rain outside
which is almost as beautiful as her.
You know you love this girl
even more than you love the rain.
The circle is closed.

Verse 1

Have you ever felt like raindrops
Falling onto your skin?
Running down all through your body,
Cleaning you from within.

Strong depressions nagging at me,
I am struck with pain.
I have never felt so lonely,
And I wish it would rain.

Bridge 1

Then I feel your arms
Folding round my waist,
And I know at once
Where this feeling's based,
And I CRY!

Chorus 1

Let it rain,
Soothe my pain!
Give me your rain,
Make me happy again!

In your embracement
I feel my heart is healed.
There's no replacement
for you; my hope is sealed.
With you my hope is sealed.

Verse 2

Every time you're down and injured,
Deep inside you're blue,
You can always come to me, love;
I'll be there for you.

When you're lost and don't know further,
You can't stand the strain,
Talk to me and wash yourself in
A little bit of my rain.

Bridge 2

I have never felt
Like this before
When I hold the one
That I adore
And you CRY!

Chorus 2

I'll let it rain
And soothe your pain,
Giving you rain
So you can smile again.

I cannot fight it;
I love to heal your heart,
No need to hide it
I knew it from the start;
You're deep inside my heart.


Chorus 1 again
Chorus 2 again

(August 1998 - for Anna)

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