title picture poetry - read my head
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by DoJoe

What is it, this thing that's called love?
I admit that the answer is tricky;
	We all try to find out
	What the buzz is about
And I doubt that the search is a quickie.

Some humans think, love is a game,
Which, I think, means you're trying to win it.
	But that doesn't seem right;
	There's a loser implied,
So this game makes no sense if you're in it.

Some people think, love equals sex;
An opinion which I think is bad, as
	You can love without thinking
	Of sex, without linking
The love that you give to a mattress.

While people think, easy were love,
I believe that's a widespread mistaking:
	You can't just take a rest,
	No, You'll have to invest
Lots of love yourself, else you are faking.

We still do not know what love is.
But we know what it's not, that's appealing.
	So, concluding, I'll hiss
	My opinion, which is:
I just think it's a wonderful feeling.

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