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The poems are ordered in temporal order (as far as I can remember). For each poem, there are three links: the poem's name, text and spoil. The name itself will take you to the web-designed version of the poem, while text is the plain text version. The spoil link will lead you to that poem's spoiler. The spoilers are all in English, even when the corresponding poem is in German.

Secret Worldtext | spoil
Aftermathtext | spoil
Definitiontext | spoil
Jumptext | spoil
Raintext | spoil
Supernovatext | spoil
What have I done?text | spoil
Lehrerschicksaltext | spoil
Schülerschicksaltext | spoil
Winter's Delighttext | spoil
Ode To Maturitytext | spoil
Poetrytext | spoil
Craventext | spoil


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