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... to get you into the mood ...

A poem is a rose is a poem... I think that sounds very nice if you pronounce it like a real Brit would. Or maybe with a little dab of Italian accent... whatever. Thoughts are shadows. Dizzy and hard to grasp but still whereever you are.

Over the years, I wrote several poems, in English at first, later more and more in the German language. Many of them were just ideas, but some were indeed inspired by actual events in my life or thoughts that used to haunt me at that very time. I wonder if you can find out what is real, and what is imagination.

For each poem, I will write a so-called "spoiler" - comments about a poem's intention, some background information and other more or less meaningful things about it. If you are going to interpret the poem, don't read the spoiler before you think you have got it.

Rest assured that I do not expect you to try and interpret the poem. As I do not like interpreting poems myself, I do not think that I should impose such expectations upon you. My poems are flowers: you can take them with you and give them to friends, you can smell and admire them, you can as well despise and trample them. But you can not forget them.

And now, on to the list...


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