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expect the worst

02-07-31 - inspiration at its best

After one and a half year of absence, inspiration hit me right in the kisser again. What came out is called "Craven" and not easy to understand. Somehow I'm glad that I managed to write a poem after all that time, on the other hand, it might reflect changes inside of me which may be good, but which may also be bad... Whatever be the cause, I thought this was a reason to not bore you with poems I wrote ages ago, but to break with usual habits and serve you the finest DoJoe poetry, all warm and fresh from the pencil ;)

02-07-18 - i can't believe it!

How long has it been? Almost two years - quite a lot has happened in my life since I last updated, and still, this is just one more poem - not even a new one, I just felt like going on in the list of still-to-add poems ;) In case you are wondering why: Last weekend I met my former english teacher, and he was quite interested in my poems, so I just gave him the URL of this site. That was when I thought I could also start adding some more poems to the list, so he's got something to read ;) Don't miss "Poetry" - I would call it a meta-poem =)

00-08-13 - the usual poem update

Three more poems, even with decent spoilers... wooo... I am so great... :) Check out "Schülerschicksal", "Winter's Delight" and "Ode To Maturity".

00-06-08 - more blurb from that poem guy

Well... Two more poems added, "What have I done?" and "Lehrerschicksal". It's not really easy to crank out those darned spoilers... However, read and enjoy them...

00-05-24 - wallpapers are up

Phew... after a long evening, the new graphics section is finished and built into the site structure. For now, seven unique desktop wallpapers await your attention. Thanks again to Zeus at Olymp-Online for providing the web space I need for the pictures. Strato gives me only one meg, so I have to be careful about where I put my bigger files.

00-04-13 - as time goes by

It has been a while since the last change - over two months now. Shame on me. Expecially shame on me for only adding three poems, nothing more. But such is life - you never get to do all the things you plan to do. If we did, we would all be millionaires by now.

00-02-11 - finally...

Wooooooohooooo! Finally, I get to uploading some decent pages to my domain. It has been a too long time spent with lousy pages and hacked design, but gladly, these times are over now.

Yes yes, I know that there is not much to gain around here at this time, but I simply had to upload these pages, since I know that I would never upload them if I wanted to finish them all before upping. Rest assured that I will not leave you alone with only my poems, but I want to finish that area first. So go play around with them - some are truly interesting.