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Open your eyes in front of a wide plain covered with grass or in front of a beautiful man/woman, and you will see what beautiful and interesting things Mother Nature can forge. Open your eyes in front of, say, the Statue Of Liberty, and you will see that Man has always tried to compete with Mother Nature in these terms, but never actually reached the organic perfection we always see around us.

So we created other art forms in which priorities were set on different aspects, art forms which we could compete in, which forgave our weaknesses and supported our strengths. As time went by, art forms emerged and disappeared, morphed and slowly developed into other means of making art. One such form of art is computer art.

Computer art often produces abstract pictures that seem to be senseless on a first and also on a second glance, but which most of don't look too bad after all. Think of the julia fractal. It has no distinct sense (take out the numbers behind it), but looks very nice, given you choose good parameters and a nice palette. Again, even selecting parameters and creating a palette might be art, since it demands that you have, and use, a common sense for aesthetics.

My way of computer art reaches from filtering around with Photoshop across messing with existing pictures and playing with other tools to finally using all of my techniques in combination to forge whatever I have in mind. Most of the time I just play around until something nice comes about, sometimes I have a final image in my mind which I try to approximate as good as possible using all the tools, tech and tricks I have at my disposal.

I have divided all my pictures into categories, so just click on the link that interests you.

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